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Color Coordinates Part 3: Roofs & Foundations

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Uploaded: 24th Oct 2016 at 4:16 AM
7 roofs and 7 foundations in 24 coordinating colors

I really intended to have this uploaded days ago, but dysautonomia is a b*tch.

This is the final part of my Coordinated Colors set. All floors and foundations come in 24 colors, except for the Pretty in Plaster foundation. I included the original wall swatch so it has 25 total.

  • Cinderblock - new foundation
  • Clapboard - Clapboard walls converted to foundation
  • The Firmament - recolors
  • Presto - recolors
  • Pretty in Plaster - walls converted to foundation, also includes original wall swatch
  • The Armageddon - recolors, removed dents so it looks less shabby
  • The Woody - recolors, removed dents

  • Country Carriage House Shingles - recolors, removed glare
  • Diamond Asphalt Shingles - new roof
  • Mediterranean Magic - recolors, removed glare
  • Sheet Metal Roofing - recolors, reduced glare
  • Slate Scale Roofing - new roof
  • Slate Tile Roofing - new roof
  • Weathered Wood Shingles - recolors, removed glare


ColorCoordinates_Foundations: contains all foundations

ColorCoordinates_Roofs: contains all roofs

Use, share, recolor, whatever with link and credit please. A PM would be nice but it's not necessary.
Do not upload to any paysites or sites that require you to download through revenue-generating links (eg, adfly).

Additional Credits:
Sims 4 Studio
Paintshop Pro

Resources used:
Asphalt roofing texture seamless 03256 by SketchUpTextureClub
Slate roofing texture seamless 03917 by SketchUpTextureClub
Slate roofing texture seamless 03921 by SketchUpTextureClub
Wall cladding stone texture seamless 07775 by SketchUpTextureClub