Amtrak Flagship Route Posters

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Amtrak is an American passenger rail company providing service throughout the continental United States and international service to Toronto, Quebec, and Vancouver. They were established in 1971 and have a total of 44 routes.

The posters/paintings are a recolor of the "It's Amber!" painting and there are 14 recolors in total. They cost §100 and can be found under Decorations->Paintings & Posters->Amtrak Route Posters or by searching 'Amtrak' in the box. The routes included are the:

• Empire Builder - One of Amtrak's longer routes at 2,250 miles going from Chicago to Seattle or Portland.
• California Zephyr - Amtraks longest route at 2,430 miles going from Chicago to Los Angeles.
• Sunset Limited (old and new, two in total) - Another long route at 1,990 miles going from Los Angeles to New Orleans. Originally to Orlando but rerouted due to Hurricane Katrina.
• Capitol Limited - 760 miles connecting Chicago to Washington D.C.
• Crescent - New York City to New Orleans at 1,370 miles.
• Silver Star - New York City to Miami at 1,520 miles.
• Northeast Regional - Amtraks high-speed corridor connecting Boston, New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington, D.C., and Norfolk.
• Auto Train - Lorton, VA (Washington D.C.) to Orlando/Sanford in 820 miles. Carries automotives non-stop and mainly for families travelling to Disney World in Orlando.
• Lake Shore Limited - Chicago to New York City or Boston.
• Pennsylvanian - New York City to Pittsburgh at 440 miles.
• Palmetto - New York City to Savannah, GA.
• Downeaster - Brunswick, ME to Boston in 110 miles.

Original textures from (Under 'Amtrak) and

Hope you do enjoy! These signs are perfect for anything from lofts to cafes to train stations.