Marry Me! Pose Pack

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Uploaded: 23rd Jun 2017 at 11:27 PM
Greetings, Simmers!

Recently, I needed a set of "unconventional" marriage proposal poses for storytelling purposes and thought, "Hey! I know how to do that now, so I'll make some myself!" They turned out well enough that I thought I would share (my first upload!). There are three couple (six unique) poses in all.

To use these poses as shown, you will also need:
- Pose Player by cmomoney (required to use the pose!)
- OMSP by granthes (for placement of ring box)
- Engagement Ring Box by mensure

The ideal OMSP height for the ring box in set 01 is 0.56 meters. I designed the pose so that the OMSP will snap into place with the pose and the ring will be right where it needs to be!

Pose Features
- Snap together
- Pose list compatible
- Available WITHOUT pose list

Pose Codes

Possible Issues
- Potential for clipping if Sims are wearing bulky/baggy clothing
- Not a good pose for long skirts

Model CC Credits (male // female)
Hair: Lindy Hop Edit by JS Sims, Goatee by KittyKlan // Disentangled Series: Norma V2 by Buckley
Skin: Default Replacement Skintone (Barbie V1) by Aikea Guinea
Eyes: Unicolor Eyes by Shady
Bottoms: Stonewashed Jeans by Simsational Designs // Jeans by frizelbliz
Accessories: Freckles by newone08, Hoop Earring by Tamo // Engagement Ring by daluved1

Additional Credits:
Thanks to Kaleeko's fantastic video tutorials for getting me started in making custom poses!