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Bigger Busking Tips

10,397 Downloads 148 Thanks  Thanks 56 Favourited 23,889 Views
Uploaded: 10th Sep 2017 at 11:48 AM
Updated: 30th Sep 2022 at 9:42 PM - Update
[Mod still working for version ]
Update 5/5/2022[Added Comedy to receive higher tip amounts]
Update 12/17/18[Added $50 Tips Version]
Update 12/13/18[Added singing to receive higher tip amounts]
[Issues with guitar and violin getting low tip amounts have been fixed!]
It's impossible to make a living as a street musician when your only getting paid $1,$5,$10, and $20 in tips! Especially when the rent is $1,200 a week! And you can only get paid upto over $200 on a good night! Well now all thats ganna change with Bigger Busking Tips mod!
Get paid $1,000s in tips per person! or if thats to high for you you can get $100s in tips per person instead!

On the bottom left corner, sim gets a $5,000 tip!

On the bottom left corner sim gets a $500 tip!

On the $1k Tips Mod(portable piano only)
$1 tips=$1,000
$5 tips=$5,000
$10 tips=$10,000
$20 tips=$20,000
$100 tips=Unknown, haven't ever received a $100 tip yet.(if anyone receives one, and can tell me the number that be great! I'm assuming 100k)

On the $100 Tips Mod(portable piano only)
$1 tips=$100
$5 tips=$500
$10 tips=$1,000
$20 tips=$2,000
$100 tips=Unknown, haven't ever received a $100 tip yet.(if anyone receives one, and can tell me the number that be great! I'm assuming 10,000)

For the guitar and the violin your only getting $700 and $7000 tips have to mess around with it again later to figure out how to have differing tip amounts.

No known conflicts that I am aware of, Or any conflicts with any other mod. I would assume though any mods changing the tip amount would be a conflict.


[Game version]

If you come across any problems or have any questions or suggestions let me know! Enjoy!