Behind You Animation

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Uploaded 27th Feb 2018 at 5:27 PM · Updated 27th Feb 2018 at 5:22 PM by Mia

This is a single sim animation for Pose Player.

When iniated the Sim will appear to notice a noise somewhere behind them, they will then turn sharply, looking for whatever made the noise, before giving up and shaking off their worry. The animation loops continuosly until cancelled, and it lasts for just over 9 seconds (real time).

Feel free to use this animation in your stories and/or blogs but please credit me by linking to either this page or my Tumblr page.

To see a preview of the animation in motion please click here for a close up or here for a full body preview. The links will take you to OneDrive, you do not need an account to view the animation Gif, just select "No Thanks" at the bottom of the box that asks you to.

Static Previews

Set Up Position

The Pose Knight should be facing the direction you want your sim to be initially facing before they turn to look behind them.

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