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Rapidash V3

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Uploaded 8th Apr 2018 at 11:57 PM · Updated 10th Apr 2018 at 10:28 PM by stargirlvampire

It has been a very long time since I played the sims 3.
Let me know if you have problems or questions.
I try to respond fast.

The reason it has Krueger as last name is because I already played with a household called Krueger
that has this unicorn.

Yes it is a real unicorn with powers and it should be a unicorn when you download it.
I used Sims MX more alchemy potions + potions for pets mod to make the horse into a real unicorn.
One of my sims threw the unicorn potion on Rapidash when it still was a horse.
and it also had a different mane when it still was a horse.
I tried to remove the black marks and tried to put the unicorn into a cream like color.
It doesn't have the white coat anymore.
Its coat color is a cream like color,it looks white but it is cream like color.

I used this coloring code in the color menu.
hex# FFFDD0
Red: 255
Green: 253
Blue: 208

Rapidash V3: I tried to make the whole body and face a bit slender. Its coat color is changed to a cream like color, It doesn't have the grey-black markings on its face near the mouth
anymore and the face color is the same cream color as well. And I finally could removed the black beard.
The horn is also in the same cream color. I did not change the mane.

Rapidash V2: It looked a bit like the pictures but the only differences it had was that it had a white coat, it wasn't slender, it was a unicorn but it had a annoying black beard.
I could not get rid off the black beard at first until I removed a broken outdated mod. I changed the mane into the mane that it has on the pictures that you see here.

Rapidash V1: It had a white coat, was not a unicorn, had grey-black like markings on its face, it had a little mane with the same colors yellow,orange red colors. the shape wasn't slender.

When you have Rapidash in your game and you zoom very close, its hair will look better than on the pictures.
It will have a fire like look. When you zoom away the hair will have the look like it looks on the pictures.
At least this is something I experienced when zooming in and out.

Friendly,genius and obediently.
It is possible that it also has 2 extra personality traits.
Fast and agile.

Level 10 Jumping.
Level 10 Racing.

Please do not reupload my unicorn like how it looks on the picture.
You are only allowed to change its colors,shape and personality in your game.

Additional Credits:
Sims 3 Create a pet
Sims MX more alchemy potions + potions for pets

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