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Uploaded: 21st May 2018 at 4:56 AM
:lovestruc Enjoy her! :lovestruc
special thanks to all the cc creators, without you Adriana would't be Adriana.
I'm including some meshes for downloaders' convenience,the original links are in the cc included list down below.

Custom Content by Me:
- Adriana's Face Preset

Custom Content Included:
- Keoni's DEFAULT hair by Keoni
- Dumlekola Brows by Dumlekola
- Ephemera_080727-AsiaType02-eyeshadow 03 by teru_k
- Aug Eyeliner Edit by Digital Angels
- Rensim - Facekit - Nose Button by Rensim
- *-light shadow-* by sugarandcaffeine
- Lilith-Voleste Blush (Tifa 3t2)-peach 3 by Lilith
- Bttf blush by mistyblue4
- Lilith-Blush_Eyeliner-Nabila_Cat_Liner.package by Lilith
- Trapping - Linjen I Din Hand by Trapping
- Lilith-Serena Nosemask-warmth by lilith
- Lilith-Matte Lips-5 by Lilith
- [zoompha] Lilith's "Feathers" - midkiss by Zoompha
- [AlwaysSims] by Always Sims
- W E S T – RAMONA Jeans by West