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Fursuit Costume Set (4 different types)

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Uploaded: 3rd Nov 2018 at 7:33 PM
Each piece is separate and in its own package file, though there are various swatches for some. There is currently: Hoary Bat, Raptor, (realistic) Mongoose, and Canine. Accessories that are not a part of this set may cause interferences with textures.

Tails (3) and arm parts (2) are categorized as wrist accessories, there is one top (4 colors), one bottom (4 colors), two kinds of shoes (3 colors for 1), two gloves types (2 colors each) and 4 hats. There are no facial expressions seen, but the head's jaw moves when talking, etc.

Raptor feathers can be found for the right bracelet, all 3 tails can be found under left bracelet (the bat wings are the same category), the shirt is found in tops, the legs can be found in bottoms, all 4 heads are hats and the feet are shoes. Hand accessories are categorized as gloves. All are available for male and female, for teens, young adults, adults and elders. All pieces have certain colors and are tagged appropriately.

There's a glitch with transparency mainly on the wings. It now looks fine from one side but otherwise the back wing overlaps with the front when you turn to the other side. Some strategic camera placement will make it go away, but please do know it's a current bug.

Polygon Counts:
Canine Head - 3424 on highest, 2462 on med, 1884 on low, 1002 on lowest
Canine Tail - 216 on highest, 126 on med, 72 on low, 46 on lowest
Claws - 1200 on highest, 892 on med, 584 on low, 348 on lowest
Feet - 224 on highest, 160 on med, 112 on low and 76 lowest
Bottom - 316 on highest, 244 on med, 190 on low and 140 lowest
Raptor Tail - 230 on highest, 184 on med, 150 on low and 102 on lowest
Top - 2182 on highest, 1770 on med, 1306 on low and 915 lowest
Bat Head - 1463 on highest, 1174 on med, 876 on low and 640 on lowest
Bat Wings - 112 on highest, same across lods
Mongoose Head - 1264 on highest, 843 on med, 550 on low and 468 on lowest
Mongoose Tail - 412 on highest, 260 on med, 208 on low and 132 lowest
Paws - 568 on highest, no lods available
Raptor Feathers - 66 on highest, 66 on med, 40 on low and 27 lowest
Raptor Feet - 708 on highest, 500 on med, 368 low and 280 lowest
Raptor Head - 1092 on highest, 846 on med, 614 low, 460 lowest

Additional Credits:
Sims4Studio, Blender, Krita