Backyard Pond 3 Versions

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Uploaded 19th Jun 2019 at 11:55 AM

Thanks for checking out Backyard Pond! Yes, I am amazing at names. Very recently I did a Modern Red home in three stages and really enjoyed putting that one together, so I decided to do it again (Best. Origin story. EVAH!). This time I did another open living/kitchen/dining floor plan, and I think it feels a little cottage/cabin-y. Maybe the willow tree and the pond help that vibe? Don't know. Is that backyard dock weird or adorable? Don't know that either, but I liked this house a lot. It's efficient, but it still has warmth and charm.

Version One
Starter home priced at §19,856. I did decide to spend a little money outside that I wouldn't normally invest in a starter, leaving some definite "affordability" to the living area, but again, it's just a starter. Gotta leave room for upgrades, right? At least the driveway is totally fake. The bedroom has a little reading area, and there's plenty of room for TV and dancing with new friends. Basic electronics are included, and a door in the bedroom leads to the eponymous backyard pond.

Version Two
Now priced at §35,842, this moderate home has received some upgrades in style and substance, most notably in the kitchen/living areas. The better-decorated bedroom isn't stuck with that cheap-o carpet anymore, and the bathroom looks much more inviting. The kitchen benefits greatly from expanded surfaces and decor, and the living area is a much more attractive and comfortable place to hang out.

Version Three
Family sized for §80,277. Not bad for a two- or three-sim dwelling! The living and kitchen areas from V2 are still intact. The downstairs bathroom has been tiled and re-floored, and what used to be the bedroom is now a landing area containing a fish tank, easel, and piano. The back door now leads to an actual patio/deck with a grill and outdoor seating, as well as much more landscaping to enjoy by the pond (and a driveway that's made of actual driveway!). The upstairs landing and hallway feature a ballet barre and a second desk (plus a two-tile area by the steps for a birdcage, pet bed, stereo, etc.) and leads to a rear balcony equipped for chess and alien-gazing. The master bedroom has matured a bit, and the upstairs bath has both shower and bathtub. The child's room is cozy in calming blue but has room for a second bed if needed.

I really hope this incremental design is something you guys find enjoyable because I'm having a great time making them! ^_^
All three checked and packed with Clean Installer because that's how we do. No CC used or needed. Made with all EPs/SPs installed.

Lot Size: 2x3
Lot Price (furnished): §19,856

Additional Credits:
Thanks always to Numenor, Quaxi, RGiles, and everyone who contributed to CEP and SimPE! May not have used them on this upload, but thanks always is always.