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Uploaded: 11th Aug 2019 at 7:41 PM
Updated: 17th Jan 2021 at 6:52 PM
UPDATE UPDATE: Archways is updated and fixed. To redownload simply download the zip file with update attached to it.

I was building and needed the same arch for the doors I was using, and since i could not get them, I modified some of the game doors into archs to suit my purpose. There are two wall categories involved here

Short doors

Medium doors


Small Wall information
NamePriceCatalog LocationPolycountRecolor SubsetHas DiagonalTiles CoveredRequired
The Smaller Craftsman Archway50Build mode/Short DoorsHigh-112 Medium 11211No2Seasons
The Greatest Craftsman Archway50Build mode/Short DoorsHigh 876 Medium 60613No3Seasons
Green Flower Power-Single Archway50Build mode/Short DoorsHigh 158 Medium 15811No1Movie Hangout Stuff
Windy Whale Archway Door150Build mode/Short DoorsHigh 416 Medium 17215Yes4Island Living
Soulful Entrance Arch275Build mode/Short DoorsHigh 702 Medium 4869No2Vampires
Arched Victorian Door Arch510Build mode/Short DoorsHigh 808 Medium 4018No2Vampires
Windowed View Arch525Build mode/Short DoorsHigh 512 Medium 4168No3Cats and Dogs
Double Panes Arched250Build mode/Short DoorsHigh 360 Medium 36011No2Base

Medium Wall information
NamePriceCatalog LocationPolycountRecolor SubsetHas DiagonalTiles CoveredRequired
The Notjustador Collection–The Archway Door50Build mode/Medium DoorsHigh 1034 medium 55611No2StrangerVille
The Notjustador Collection–The WinArchdoor50Build mode/Medium DoorsHigh 740 Medium 37811No2StrangerVille
The Notjustador Collection–The Tully Archway50Build mode/Medium DoorsHigh 975 Medium 5096No3StrangerVille
The Notjustador Collection–The MoreArch50Build mode/Medium DoorsHigh 916 medium 4406No3StrangerVille
The Notjustador Collection–The Bosch Archway50Build mode/Medium DoorsHihj 362 Medium 23411No2StrangerVille
Upscale Iron Scrollwork Archway300Build mode/Medium DoorsHigh 704 Medium 7049Yes2Get Famous
Upscale Archway of Prominence400Build mode/Medium DoorsHigh 904 Medium 9045No3Get Famous
Cape Crystal Doored Arch525Build mode/Medium DoorsHigh 1200 Medium 7588No2Cats and Dogs
Paneled Portal Archway585Build mode/Medium DoorsHigh 1580 medium 11688No3Cats and Dogs
Mega Double Doors Archway400Build mode/Medium DoorsHigh 424 Medium 42411No2Base

Hope you all find them useful for your lots and venues buildings

Additional Credits:
Ea for all the models and Textures
Photoshop and