Villa Placida - NO CC

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Uploaded: 11th Oct 2019 at 2:36 PM
Villa Placida welcomes you !

Have you ever wanted to live the best that life can offer in a historical and luxurious Villa, with exquisite paintings, cozy shores, admirable views and annoying tourists who stop by your gates, envying your lifestyle?
Well, now you can!

Here's some background history...

Required Expansion Packs

All except Showtime

Lot Value
Furnished: 889.683
Unfurnished: 335.446

Things to notice
  • The staircase leading to the basement can not properly be used by sims sometimes. Don't worry: they can go downstair via another nearby staircase.
  • I built the lot in Hidden Springs, though the world is not required for the download. If you wish to obtain a result as the one in my pictures, when placing down the 64x64 lot make sure that half of it is on land and the other half is on water. By doing so, the house should be placed understandably well, without unpleasant distortions on the surrounding area. Just have some critical sense
  • If you want to place it in Hidden Springs: I removed the Vandeburg's neighbours and their house, then placed a 64x64 lot on the shores (half on land, half on water).


Lot Size: 64x64
Lot Price (furnished): 889.683
Lot Price (unfurnished): 335.446