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Cozy Cubbyhole Bed Separated

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Uploaded: 14th Nov 2019 at 4:12 AM
Separated the "Cozy Cubbyhole" bed frame, bedding, and decorative pillows from the Seasons Expansion.

The swatches are the same as the original bed, except for duplicates, which have been removed.

The bedding has been given maxed stats, and the original price of the bed has been halved between the bedding and the frame, and a tiny bit extra for the decorative pillows.

Three Frame options:
1 Frame
  • Original EA textures
  • Shadows for the decorative pillows appear on the frame, as per the original
2 Everyday Frame:
  • Original EA textures
  • Decorative pillow shadows removed from headboard
  • This is the version you want to use if you plan on combining the frame with other bedding
3 Everyday Frame - Short:
  • Exactly like the Everyday Frame, except the headboard is shorter

Seasons required
Maxed Stats: Energy 10 | Stress Relief 10 | Discomfort Relief 10
Available in Build Mode > Comfort > Beds
All three frames can be used in your game simultaneously

Price: 1000
Swatches: 9

Price: 1000
Swatches: 11

Price: 200
Swatches: 11

You may have to turn on cheat bb.moveobjects to place a mattress on the frame.

Polygon Counts:
LOD0: 219V | 159P
LOD1: 165V | 107P

Everyday Frame
LOD0: 219V | 159P
LOD1: 165V | 107P

Everyday Frame - Short
LOD0: 219V | 159P
LOD1: 165V | 107P

LOD0: 234V | 283P
LOD1: 189V | 199P

LOD0: 646V | 830P
LOD1: 568V | 710P

Additional Credits:
Photoshop CC
Sims 4 Studio