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Faster Vet Crafting Station

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Uploaded: 7th Dec 2019 at 5:43 PM
Updated: 17th Dec 2019 at 6:06 AM - Added related uploads
I'm currently playing with a family of veterinarians and I forgot how annoyingly slow I found the vet crafting stations. Between the clients, cleaning, and wrangling of staff there's hardly time left to craft anything, so I created this tuning mod to enable faster crafting at the vet medicine stations.

Faster crafting at the Vet Medicine Stations

Cats and Dogs

  • This mod affects:
    Dr. Magi-Heals Medicine Craft-o-MaticDr. Budget-Bandages Medicine Craftidink
    Age Up TreatAge Up Treat
    Age Down TreatAge Down Treat
    Wellness TreatWellness Treat
    Ambrosia TreatAmbrosia Treat
    Treat Sickness 1Treat Sickness 1
    Treat Sickness 2Treat Sickness 2
    Treat Sickness 3Treat Sickness 3
    Treat Sickness 4Treat Sickness 4
    Treat Sickness 5Treat Sickness 5
    Calming AgentCalming Agent
    Relaxation SerumRelaxation Serum
    Simulation GelSimulation Gel
  • How does the mod work?
    • Crafting an item requires 5 steps
    • Each step is made up of a number of actions, instead of a fixed amount of time (e.g. 60 minutes)
    • This mod removes 2 steps, to decrease the amount of time it takes to craft an item (which was the only way to reliably shorten the time it takes to craft an item)
    • Only one combination of removing steps resulted in a more consistent reduction in time required to craft items therefore, there is only one version to download
  • Timing Comparison:
    Vanilla CraftingTuning Mod Crafting
    The same item can take anywhere between 20 to 60 in-game minutes to craft (it varies)8-12 in-game minutes per item