Violet Manor 4+BR 5+BA

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Hello Simmers
Im Lady Violet

This Is
Violet Manor
4+BR, 5+BA
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After years of abandonment, Landgraab Estates in Sunset Valley had fallen into disrepair. The property was purchased by the Simettes, who demolished the entire building in hopes of starting an even bigger home. Thus they designed Violet Manor.

Violet Manor is a large and luxurios estate home with 4+Bedrooms and 5+Bathrooms, a complete finished basement, 3 car garage, pool and stable/barn. The home is both cozy yet modern ft updated appliances and electronics, including a simbot laboratory. There is a lavish Master Suite featuring its own sitting room, xl bedroom, walk in closet and master bathroom. The first floor has an open floorplan from the living room to the kitchen and dining room with access to the attatched greenhouse as well as the spare guest room/butler room and MS. The second floor has 3 large bedrooms with 2 private bathrooms. The backyard has a stable with a small stablehand room, a small garden and a beautiful pool and pond, seperated by only some rocks and a water feature.

Ive never really liked Landgraab Estate, and this is the home I created for Sunset Valley after demolishing it.

Its been a very long time since ive been here! Over a year lol...jeez where does time go... I hope you enjoy my build, it had lots of ups and downs to get to where it is, which is still probably not the best...oh well I tried

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Kitchen Set by dara_sevelly
*Potholders-Kitchen Accessories-Kitchen Knives-Spices & Grains-Colander & Cutting Boards-Saucepan-Pan-Stewpan-Kettle-Breadplate-Kitchen Plates Stand
Shower Tub by HugeLunatic
Hogwarts Painting by Me *Found in the Hogwarts Pictures file
Skeleton Romance Picture by Me *Halloween10

Main Store Content
Stones Throw Green House Roof and Windows

Lot Size: 60x60
Lot Price (furnished): 405,416
Lot Price (unfurnished): 174,331