Unspoilable drinks

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Uploaded: 8th May 2020 at 8:51 PM
Updated: 8th May 2021 at 11:36 AM - New update
with this mod your drinks will no longer get spoiled!
07/05/2021 UPDATE! unspoilable Fizz drink ! Now craftable fizz drink from ecology pack can no longer be spoiled. ENJOY
30/03/2021 UPDATE! unspoilable coffee for real ! Now coffee can no longer be spoiled. It's finally fix ! I've added a new standalone version of this mod to make it stand out. ENJOY
The unspoilable coffee mod don't work with the second coffee machine in the buy mode, the white one, sorry for that !
21/05/2020 UPDATE! unspoilable Tray drink! now your tray drinks from BACKYARD STUFF dlc can no longer be spoiled
10/05/2020 UPDATE! unspoilable bar drinks! now the drinks you make at the bar can no longer be spoiled (Base game only)
10/05/2020 UPDATE! unspoilable toddler drink! now your toddler's drinks can no longer be spoiled
03/10/2020 UPDATE! unspoilable DLC bar drink! if you have DLCs that include bar drinks like Get Together / Island Living / University / Eco Lifestyle / Dine Out / Vampire / Vintage Glamour Stuffyou will have new unspoilable drink! You can download the mod update without having any of these DLCs or even if you have some of the DLCs! Don't worry

Later I will create an update for espresso drinks, tea, drink fountain stay tunned!

Hi! Personally I found that these features like bar, tap water and the coffee machine are just a little bit interesting because these drinks spoil too quickly. So I decide to mod the game to make these drinks unspoilable!
For this mod version, tap water, coffee, toddler's drinks and bar drinks cannot be spoiled. Have fun and finally enjoy these drinks the game has to offer. Please leave me comment, I need opinions .



Thank you so much for checking this mod and for the download! <3

For this mod i have change the XML of some of the sims 4 file

The mod don't seem to conflict with other mod, I have test it with base game and with the cooking overhaul mod and it worked fine!
But it may conflict with all mod that change all "Object_Coffee_Maker" or "Object_Coffee_Machine" FOR "unspoilable coffee in coffee machine.package"
with "object_drink_water" FOR "unspoilable water.package"
with "object_drink_coffee_generic" FOR "unspoilable coffee.package"
with "object_drink_*toddler drink name*" FOR "unspoilable toddler drinks.package"
with "object_drink_*bardrinkname*" FOR "unspoilable bar drinks.package"

I have notice a typo on the mod that make your coffee in your coffee machine unspoilable. You can safely edit it, I will if you want to but I'm scared if you guys have two same file in your folder so ^^'.

Additional Credits:
Thanks sims 4 studio!
Thank you rey marsh for the good title
Instantmagic for the new idea ^^