Secondary Aspiration Attraction

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Uploaded: 6th Jun 2020 at 4:28 PM
Updated: 17th Jul 2020 at 5:35 PM
Update 2 - June 18, 2020: cleaned up SecondaryAspirationAttraction version to remove unused code which could cause blank or unusual pop-up boxes from other mods
Update 1- June 09, 2020: Added RomanceMod version
With permission granted by him (Thank you JMP!), support for Pescado's RomanceMod is now available. If you currently use RomanceMod and want Secondary Aspiration Attraction as well, then download romancemod-AL - and replace your current RomanceMod with it. This version should be compatible with all EPs FreeTime and above including Ultimate Collection.

If you don't use Pescado's RomanceMod, then download
Secondary Aspiration Attraction

Romance Sims inherently have poor chemistry with Family Sims. But shouldn't a Romance Sim who has Family as their secondary aspiration have more chemistry with that Family Sim? And what if that Family Sim has Romance as their secondary aspiration? Shouldn't there be even more attraction between those Sims? In Sims2, they are all treated the same with the same poor chemistry regardless of their secondary aspirations.

Pleasure Sims dislike Knowledge Sims. Popularity Sims dislike Knowledge Sims. Shouldn't a Pleasure/Popularity Sim dislike a Knowledge Sim even more? Not according to the game's developers.

Sims' attraction scores were added in Sims2 with Nightlife. When secondary aspirations were added in Freetime, the attraction system was not updated to incorporate secondary aspirations when calculating Sim chemistry.

With Secondary Aspiration Attraction that changes; secondary aspirations will contribute to the chemistry between Sims. For example that Romance/Family Sim will have improved chemistry with any Family sim. And should that Family Sim happen to be Family/Romance, the two will have even more attraction to one another. Similarly, Pleasure/Popularity Sims will have even less chemistry with Knowledge Sims than before.

What it does: Secondary Aspiration Attraction is a Global Mod which adjusts the attraction score between two Sims by taking into account their secondary aspirations. The attraction score that the game provides (which is based on the Sims primary aspirations and other attraction modifiers like Astrological Sign) is now increased or decreased based upon those secondary aspirations and the relationship they have with the primary aspirations of the two Sims. As a result, this new attraction score may change the number of "lightning bolts" of chemistry the two Sims have. If neither Sim has their secondary aspiration set, the mod does nothing and no changes are made to the attraction score.

What it doesn't do: Secondary Aspiration Attraction does not display anything on the screen nor does it affect any other attraction inputs such as Astrological Sign, Turn Ons and Turn Offs, or Personality.

Game Requirements: Nightlife and Freetime EPs

Game Resources Affected: Secondary Aspiration Attraction is a Global Mod which uses BHAV 0x03DA and modifies BHAV 0x0402. It will conflict with other mods which use or modify these BHAVS.

Known conflicts: Simler90's Romantic Standards.

Tested With: Two different configurations (1) all EPs except Mansions and Gardens and (2) the Sims2 Ultimate Collection.

Installation instructions: Install the package file in your Sims 2 Downloads folder

Removal instructions: Simply delete the package file from your Sims 2 Downloads folder. Chemistry scores will be reset the next time the Sims interact.

Thanks to Cyjon for the "Study of Chemistry in The Sims 2" ( which provided the inspiration for this mod.
Thanks to Chris Hatch for his programming assistance and feedback.