Skeleton Arm Tattoo Set

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Uploaded: 25th Oct 2020 at 8:39 PM
This was a mod I made for my own use for my legacy challenge! So I thought I would share it with all of you!

Its a perfect Tattoo for your gothic sims and for the spooky season!

I was scouring the web for CC it came to my attention that there was no real skeletal arm tattoo, there were tattoos for just the hands but no single seamless skeletal arm! I was of course shocked and appalled by this so, as with some of my other mods, I set out to make one myself!

It took quite abit of trial and error to get the bones right on the arm, as well as getting the colors to look correct on the arm! I of course did this through the amazing Sims4studio, which I hope by now all of you know about!

Anyway These tattoos come in 7 colors:

And are separated by Left and Right arm, so you can mix and match with its partner or any other tattoo.

This tattoo Set should be perfect for your goth sims!

Please Enjoy!