TS3_TS2 Hollywood Regency Den Set

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Uploaded: 21st Jan 2021 at 9:28 AM
Updated: 17th Sep 2021 at 7:01 AM
Does your Sim love decor with sweeping clean lines and shapes of the Regency Style? Apart from being very affordable, this set is sure to define their living space as elegant, proud and elite.

This set will work well with Art Deco and Art Noveau furnishings and the Mansion & Gardens Stuff Pack.

Please note:-
Griffons Telescope is a functioning telescope and Sims will gain logic skill while stargazing and as hobby enthusiasm increases can search for constellations, planets etc. The Sim will hold the handle of the telescope but it is a static object and will not swing around. It is intended as a decorative piece for a den per it's description.
Update 22/01/2021 - Removed telescope as not satisfactory to Moderator's guidelines.

Le Ecoute Moderne Chess Table is a decorative sculpture only as the chess pieces are permanently on the chess board and not movable.
Update 13/09/2021 A functional version of this chess table has now been added.

Uptown Table is a functioning dining table with a dual purpose that it can also be used as an end table.

Update 13/09/2021 I have also added the Glitz & Glamour Fireplace.
As with all Fireplaces with a chimney, it is recommended that you install Scriptorium http://www.modthesims2.com/showthread.php?t=192613.
After installing, please copy the text document in the Glitz & Glamour Fireplace folder, and paste in the shortcut "Scriptorium_Fireplaces for the fireplace to show in-game.
I have numbered this fireplace 29083.
In the unlikely event that there is already a fireplace with this number, simply renumber it to a number that does not exist in the shortcut "Scriptorium_Fireplaces".

With the exception of the Uptown Table (Seasons), all other items have been created using Sims2 base game objects.
The Hollywood Regency Den Set zip.file contains all 6 items with separate folders for each item. I have also attached a separate zip.file of each item.

Buy Mode
Ascension is Paramount is a wall hanging and costs $780, located in Decorative/Wall Hangings and By Room/Living Room/Decorative
Asymmetrical Allessander Table Lamp is a table lamp and costs $335, located in Lighting/Table Lamps and By Room/Living Room/Lighting
Faux Chrome Chair is a dining chair and costs $350, located in Comfort/Dining Chairs and by Room/Living Room/Comfort
Glitz & Glamour Fireplace is a fireplace and costs $4,000, located in Appliances/Miscellaneous and By Room/Living Room/Applicances
Le Ecoute Moderne Chess Table is a sculpture and costs $480, located in Decorative/Sculptures and By Room/Living Room/Decorative
Le Ecoute Moderne Chess Table is a chess table and costs $480, located in Hobbies/Recreation and By Room/Living Room/Hobbies
Narcissa Mirror is a mirror and costs $325, located in Decorative/Mirrors and By Room/Living Room/Decorative
Uptown Table is a dining table and costs $695, located in Surfaces/Dining Tables and By Room/Living Room/Surfaces

Happy Simming!

Polygon Counts:
Ascension is Paramount = Polygon 500
Asymmetrical Allessander Table Lamp = Polygon 900
Faux Chrome Chair = Polygon 860
Glitz & Glamour Fireplace = Polygon 1302
Le Ecoute Moderne Chess Table (Sculpture) = Polygon 5058
Le Ecoute Moderne Chess Table (Functional) = Polygon 378
Narcissa Mirror = Polygon 502
Uptown Table = Polygon 470

Additional Credits:
Thanks to TSR Workshop, SimPE, MilkShape 3D and EA Games as without these programs creating items would not be possible.
Also CEP by Numenor and EA Sims3 Store.