Finn's Hideaway

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Uploaded: 23rd Mar 2021 at 10:24 AM
Updated: 24th Mar 2021 at 3:17 AM
Lot Description:
Wanted a place to stay in Sunlit Tides? Finn's Hideaway is your choice, as this is known for having wedding parties and what's more, the price is cheap here.

Details of each floor:
  • First Floor: As you first walk in, you will enter the lobby. Here, you walk up to the reception desk to plan you stay at this resort. East of this room (If you enter via the front door), you will enter the dining room, where lunch and vegetarian dishes are served 24/7.
  • Second Floor: As you climb up the stairs, you will find yourself in a hallway with 3 doors. On the left (If you climb the stairs from the lobby), are the VIP rooms, where one room has a double bed and another room has two single beds. Both of their bathrooms are all-in-one. In addition, from those rooms, you can have access to a small balcony. If you enter the door in the right (Again if you climb the stairs from the lobby), you will find yourself in a bigger balcony that has lounge chairs to hang out while having a good view and a bar where you can have refreshments.
  • Third Floor: This floor is basically a balcony where you can have a massage, workout using the treadmill or ironlift, or just stay in the resort rabbithole (which is basically a rug).

Details of the back area
The back area of the resort houses a swimming pool, a hot tub, outdoor showers, a firewalk pit to have some fun walking on it, and a wedding area for your Sims to have their weddings.

Expansion Packs Required:
Late Night (Needed for the Tiki Bar to function)
Island Paradise (Needed for the lot to function as a resort)

Stuff Packs Required:
Town Life (For the Treadmill and Ironlift)

Store Content Required:
Sunlit Tides
Tiki Full Set
Lucky Palms (For the "Mysterious Modern Masterpiece" painting)

Custom Content Required (Not included in the download)
Bed Frames from Around The Sims 3
Tropical Bed Duvets from Around the Sims 3
1x1 Dining Table from Around the Sims 3
Tiki Bar from Around the Sims 3
Pots and Plants from Around the Sims 3
Resort Tower Rabbithole Rug

Lot Size: 30x30
Lot Price (furnished): $126,352
Lot Price (unfurnished): $77,491