Doctors Need Degrees

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Uploaded: 10th Jun 2021 at 5:45 PM
Updated: 22nd May 2022 at 4:59 AM
This mod requires Cyjon's Smarter EP Check, found here:, and at least one expansion pack after University (any one will do).

In the real world, it is not possible to be a doctor, a teacher, a scientist, or a lawyer without a degree. While the lowest levels of the career are something that anyone can do, very quickly you would find that the next job up is only available with the right qualifications.

Other careers, however, don't need to be so strict. Why would criminals or gamers care what sort of education you've had? And why do you need a degree to get any job in Paranormal?

If you've ever been bothered by this in your sims 2 games, this mod is for you!

How it works:
Sims are divided into five categories depending on their education:
- Graduated sims have graduated university
- Diploma sims attended university and reached at least their Junior year before dropping out or being expelled.
- High School C sims achieved at least a C at high school but either never went to university or dropped out early (or were created in CAS)
- High School D sims achieved between D- and C- at high school.
- High School F sims failed high school.

Careers are divided into four different categories. Within each career category, there is a different maximum level for each type of sim, as well as a different chance of being promoted past that point.

Careers that require a degree:
Careers: Medicine, Science, Natural Science, Law, Education
Limits: Graduated = 10, Diploma = 5, High School C = 3, High School D = 1 and High School F = 1.
Chance of passing limit: None whatsoever. Sorry sims.

Careers that a degree is very useful:
Careers: Business, Law Enforcement, Military, Show Business, Journalism, Architecture, Intelligence, Oceanography
Limits: Graduated = 10, Diploma = 7, High School C = 5, High School D = 3, High School F = 1.
Chance of passing limit: 10% per attempt (so it's possible, but unlikely).

Careers that a diploma is useful:
Careers: Athletics, Culinary, Politics, Slacker, Artist, Paranormal, Music, Entertainment, Dance
Limits: Graduated = 10, Diploma = 10, High School C = 7, High School D = 5, High School F = 3
Chance of passing limit: 25% per attempt (so while promotions are slower, they do happen)

Careers that do not care about your education:
Careers: Criminal, Adventurer, Gamer
Limits: All sims = 10

When a promotion comes up in a chance card, this mod runs the same checks as it would for any other promotion, and so the promotion may not happen. In that case, you will still get the promotion bonus (as otherwise you wouldn't get anything for a successful chance card pick).

Version 1.1: Custom careers now default to the Careers that a diploma is useful[\i] category, so redownload if you have a custom career. Instructions for adding custom careers to other categories are also available.
[i]Version 1.2
: Fixed an issue with the wrong messages appearing when a sim owns their own car. Fixed an issue with the wrong amounts of money given/removed for chance cards at high levels (I hope).

Cyjon's Edukashun iz Gud (this is an expanded version)
Pescado's harderjobs (if this loads last, it will work without the job limits)
Anything that mods the bhavs "Qualify for level" or "Chance card - results"

Cyjon, whose [i]Edukashun iz Gud[\i] was the base for this mod, and whose code I have shamelessly used thanks to their generous 'don't reinvent the wheel' policy.
All the makers of SimPE, without which this mod would never have made any progress.