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W. Riter Local Library

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Uploaded: 1st Dec 2021 at 5:05 PM
Updated: 9th Dec 2021 at 2:50 PM
Need to pull an all-nighter or just want to read a good novel? The library here will saciate your thirst for knowledge! After all, reading is good for your well being. We hope to see you!

Named after the great author William Riter, the public library offers a selection of over 200 books, categorized with the Simwey Decimal System (SDS) because of course there had to be a Sim pun.

Moving on to the library's services: On the left is our librarian area, where you can check in and out books. We also have some magazine stands here, to provide you with all the celebrity gossip that is so culturally relevant.

We have some computers and desks at our disposal to all the students who are writing their finals or reports. We even have a public coffee maker, although at the use of STUDENTS ONLY. Adults, go buy your own coffee.

A little bit down from there, a small cranny with comfortable seats to read your books and get fully inmersed in that reading experience.

All the way to the left, we have the children's area! Read a book with your kiddos and maybe read some Goosebumps, or Dork Diaries, or whatever else.

Up there are the bathrooms. Not a lot else to say.

Outside, there's a parking lot, there's also a small garden and some benches if you REALLY wanna read like an old man.

EPs/SPs used:
All of them. But like, at this point who doesn't have the UC??

Unzip. Click on Sims2Pack. Installer should open. The End. (Note: I don't know how installs w/ custom installers work)

Enjoy, and *annoying grandma voice* get off those dam phones and READ!!!