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Size Doesn't Matter - TS4 - NO CC

2,828 Downloads 65 Thanks  Thanks 19 Favourited 7,047 Views
Uploaded: 25th Nov 2021 at 8:45 AM
Updated: 14th Dec 2021 at 8:59 PM


DOWNLOAD NOW: Size Doesn't Matter is the endearing nickname given to this home away from home. This modest modern hut will surely allow you to explore your wild side. It's the perfect getaway for the newlyweds, or those who need a bit of time in isolation. There's no one around for miles! Be careful, though... a streak of tigers are known to live nearby. Made for a challenge by Twitch Streamer Sim_Michele where participants had to create a small lot or tiny house. Unfortunately, this lot contains a few too many times to be considered a tiny lot, but hey... who said size matters?!

Ground Floor
- Kitchen
- Bed Platform
- Lounge
- Pool & Fire Pit

Lot Size: 20x20
Lot Price (furnished): $69,661