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Uploaded 8th Dec 2021 at 12:58 PM

A good majority of my Sims own businesses or make money in other ways, such as painting or novel-writing. But no matter how many masterpieces they sell, or how many top-level businesses they own, their job panels always show "Unemployed", and they keep rolling wants to "Join XXX Career". Like, seriously. You own a casino. You're rolling in Simoleons. You don't need to get a job as a golf caddy!

This career is virtually a place-holder. It shows up in the job panel as "Self-Employed" and stops the miscellaneous "OMG I need to get a job!" wants. Also, any other Sims with "Unemployed" as a turn-off will no longer turn their noses up at your Sim.

Some notes:

- Working hours will show as 9-10 AM. This is because there's no way to code -0- as a number of daily working hours. BUT

- There are no working days. All days show as days off.

- Your Sim will get a notification every morning that "XXX has the day off!".

- No carpool will come.

- There are no requirements for advancement, because your Sim will never advance, since he or she will never actually go to work. Unfortunately, this also means Sims with the "Hard-Worker" turn-on WILL still turn their noses up at your Sim. Also unfortunately, this can sometimes frustrate Fortune Sims who roll the want to "Get a Promotion".

- The salary shows as 1,000 Simoleons, but since your Sim never actually goes to work... you get the picture.

- There are no Chance Cards.

- This career has a unique GUID, and will not overwrite any other career.

Basically this is an empty career template, just so your Sims have something to show in the job panel for all the hard work they do!

Age: Adult
Career Type: N/A / Other
Chance cards: None

Tags: #self-employed, #business owner, #homemaker