Mesa Canyon County Meadows

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Uploaded: 26th Jan 2022 at 1:55 PM
Here is a map of the town ready to fill with lots without mercy and populate the urban fauna in the highlands with exuberant views, and the best thing is, it is quite wide and gifted by lushness. the construction initiative is an industrial metropolis supporting the urban expansion of the downtown, of course you can own and exploit it by your own pleasure.

And anymore for the moment...
The data:

► Map type: Plateau

► Landscaping: Shallows around and canyon cutting between

► City Mapping: Center over the mesa.

► Playability: Visible area with default camera.

► Map geography: 99.9% Earthy.

► Ground level: 3th flat from Sea level.

► Neighborhood size: Large.

► Habitable zonning: Semi-wavy.

► Town growth: Townhome, Midtown or Downtown.

► Roads extension: Boulevard.

► Terrain covered by roads: 30%.

► Functionality: All kind of hood or subhood type. Especially for shopping district, university or downtown with every terraintype.

Regards, tanks for download and enjoy!