Little Church

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Uploaded: 3rd Apr 2022 at 10:52 PM
Updated: 5th Apr 2022 at 5:32 AM
The Little Church is one of the smallest churches in the world. It is found in Van Reenen's Pass, in the majestic Drakensberg Mountains in KZN, South Africa. The Tea Garden sits next to it on the same farm.

The church is simply known as Little Church, and was built in 1825 in honor of a young man who has died after saving people in a mining accident. Llandaff Matthew was 28 years old and it is said that he had saved 8 people, which is why the church seats a total of 8 visitors. It somehow survived the lockdown and is open again.

It is used as a wedding venue often and has its own Facebook page :

"It is here, with the spirit of the wind, that I will find my soul."

I attached 2 lots: the lot with both the tea garden and the church, which is on the same farm, right next to each other, and is used as a wedding venue, as well as the church alone.

The church lot was built first, I then extended the lot and added the tea garden, so the church is exactly the same on both lots.

The church has a little graveyard or at least a memorial wall; toilets, seating for 8 and I have added the podium for speaking (career reward for politics). A speaking sim may well draw an audience, and they will sit down in the seats. If you have the community lot skilling mod by Pescado, the sim will also gain charisma points. There is no food on the lot, though.

The tea garden offers coffee, bathrooms with showers (well, the bride has to get dressed?), a garden, a gazebo, a little playground for kids and I stuck a BBQ in there as well.

Please go and get the custom content, it is only 3 items and it does make a difference to the look of the church.
I hope some of you will enjoy this lot(s)!

I have added some pics of the RL church and the Tea Garden, and plenty of the lot itself, so please have a look at the them! Added 4 screenshots with the trees removed (front and back of lots).

Note that I have used Sweet Down Low - tweaked while building this lot; you can find it here: - it makes a huge difference to the quality of wall hangings that are shifted up or down.