Sailor Moon Beds!

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Uploaded: 24th Sep 2022 at 9:06 AM
Here are two different sets of Sailor moon Bedding. One double and one single. The double bed is based off of the bed Usagi (Sailor Moon) uses in the anime. The Single bed has different sheets based on each Inner scout.

First the Double Bed.
Name: Usagi's bed
Description: This bed is based off of the wonderful Anime Sailor moon. Ever want to cuddle into Usagi's bed? I mean it has to be comfortable considering how much she sleeps!
Price: 900
Colors: Pink, Purple, Yellow, Blue.
Catalog: Comfort>Bedding/Beds.
Polygons high 0: 1192
Verticles high 0: 1048
Polygons 1 medium: 997
Verticles 1 medium: 908

Bonuses: Energy 5, Stress 2, Uncomfortable 2.

You need to have seasons to be able to use Usagi's Bed. It is a recolor of a bed from that pack.

Now the single Bed.
Name: Sailor Moon Single Bed!
Description: Ever want to just cuddle up with your favorite Sailor Senshie? Well, now you can! (At least the inners) This bed will for sure brighten up any room.
Price: 700.
Colors: Pink, Purple, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Grey.
Catalog: Comfort > Bedding/Beds.
Polygons High 0: 689
Verticles High 0: 675
Polygons 1 medium: 528
Verticles 1 medium: 535

Bonuses: Energy 4, Stress 1, uncomfortable 1.

You Need to have Tiny Living to be able to use this bed, it is a recolor from that pack.