Flea Market Refresh

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Uploaded: 17th Nov 2022 at 2:08 PM
Updated: 8th Dec 2023 at 3:10 PM
The Flea Market Festival in San Myshuno gets a facelift with fresh items up for grabs. Chairs, lamps and couches were fine but a sim home also needs (to get rid of) tables, bookcases, beds, wardrobes and an odd sculpture or two.

You will need to have the required packs in order for the objects to appear.

A little tip: traveling away from the flea market after it has spawned and then traveling back will re-spawn the items for sale.

Info Update 08.12.2023:
Mods compatible with (For Rent patch). No changes necessary.

  • Replaces some of the items in the default Flea Market catalog (the same one since City Living pack came out) with fresh items from other packs and from the Base Game.
  • The new items will spawn on the eight tarps and on the two wooden tables (that used to spawn only table lamps).
  • Sims can thrift shop at the Flea Market! There is a chance that a thrifting clothing rack (that came with High School Years) will spawn and your sims can walk away with a new fashion look as well as a new bike.

If you don’t have the pack for a specific item it won’t spawn and the “place” it would normally spawn will remain empty.
I left in the ‘Trash or treasure’ collection items (The special furniture that only spawns at the Flea Market).
I included desks, bookcases, bikes, beds, dressers, tables.

The mod requires XmlInjector. You can get it from the Official In Memoriam Website. The mod will not work without it.

I used injection on most items so there should be no risk of conflicts with other mods. There are two tunings that I can't inject into and need to override, the one for bikes and one for floor-placed decorations (115540).

If an object spawned on one of the tarps or on one of the tables and you can't buy it, it's either:
a) XmlInjector is not installed properly
b) There is a conflict with another mod or CC item that overrides the same tuning.

This mod will not interfere with other spawnables. It only touches the tarps and tables DURING the Flea Market. Items floating in the air or vending stalls not spawning (because they have been teleported to the horizon) are base game bugs.