Magical Study Spot Lot Trait

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Uploaded: 5th Nov 2023 at 6:27 PM
Add a little extra magic to a lot outside of the Magic Realm!

Search for tomes in a magical library in Windenburg! Or train with the Sages at a spellcaster high school in Copperdale! This "Magical Study Spot" Lot Trait can be added to any community lot (other than Magic HQ) to add the following functions:
  • The three Magic Sages will appear in their respective roles.
  • Spellcasters will have the ability to search any bookcase for magic tomes.
  • Inactive spellcaster sims who visit will be able to practice magic autonomously. (But spellcasters will not be more likely to appear. I am hoping to create some lot traits that can attract occult types sometime soon though.)
Big thank you to Lumpinou for helping me learn how to structure my tests correctly! And to LittleMsSam for writing the tutorial that taught me how to make a custom lot trait to begin with.

This lot trait shouldn't conflict with any specific mod. However if you have a lot of mods, there might be a significant delay between loading the lot and the features of this lot trait activating if you use this lot trait on an active high school (which already has a lot going on behind the scenes). If the Sages don't appear shortly after beginning the school day, I recommend leaving the lot running on 1x speed until they do. Otherwise some features of this lot trait might not load correctly. This shouldn't be an issue on simpler lots like bars and libraries, even if you do use a lot of mods.

The three Magic Sages will appear on any lot with this trait, and they'll behave just like they do in the Magic Realm. You'll see them practicing magic or browsing bookcases and all of their unique interactions will be available (such as asking them to teach you spells or potions).

If you use a mod that allows you to place the hidden Magic Sage attractors such as this one by Lotharihoe or this one by TwelfthDoctor1, you can even define spaces on the lot that each Sage will prefer to hang around.

Note: While it's possible to start the quest to become a spellcaster on a lot with this trait by using the "Ask How to Use Magic" interaction on a Sage, it won't be possible to complete it without visiting the Magic Realm, unless you use a mod that allows you to place your own magic mote spawners such as this one by TwelfthDoctor1.

The "Search for Tomes" interaction will appear on any bookcase on a lot with this trait and it works the same as it does at Magic HQ. Your sim will move from bookcase to bookcase until they find either a tome or a familiar and once they find something, the interaction goes on cooldown. One thing to note is this interaction works better on a lot with more bookcases and you might have to queue it up several times on a lot with only a few.

Spellcaster Autonomy
Although spellcasters won't be more likely to appear, inactive spellcasters who visit will behave more like they do in the Magic Realm. You might see them practicing magic, experimenting with cauldrons, and dueling with each other autonomously, in addition to their normal behavior. They won't do these things quite as frequently as they would at Magic HQ because those interactions have to compete with the behavior of whatever the actual lot type is, but as long as a few spellcasters visit it should be noticeable.