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527 Alta Avenue

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Uploaded: 13th May 2024 at 1:09 PM
Hello again!
Time for another lot. This house is inspired by the Camden´s home in the TVshow "7th Heaven" that ended it´s run in 2005 I think.
I never really got into the show and maby watched 10 episodes all together but somehow the exterior of the house stuck with me.
I made a version of it for TS2 way back in the day so I thought I would see how it would look in TS4.

To make it look as good as possible I have used some CC for the build part, the doors and windows. It´s the Georgian set made by PeaceMaker_IC and I just love them! I use them often in my builds and they make them look so much better than the basic EA stuff. You will find a link to download the pack on the download page. It is NOT included!

The house itself is a pretty large house with a big garden with pool.

On the first floor you have the hallway, diningroom, livingroom, study, a large county style kitchen with a small space for laundry and a bathroom.
Upstairs you have four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

There are two large porches, one on the left side of the house and one upstairs where your sims can enjoy the day. You also have a large pool deck in the back with plenty of space to sunbathe, cook, eat and just relax. If your sims has green fingers there is also a greenhouse out back so you can grow your own vegetables.

Lot size: 40x30
Furnished price: 162.584
Unfurnished: 53.633

Besides the packs required you need the following kits:

Party Essentials
Castle Estate
Modern Luxe
Book Nook
Basement Treasures
Greenhouse Haven
Bathroom Clutter
Everyday Clutter
Desert Luxe
Little Campers
Blooming Rooms
The Christmas DLC (Free)

I hope you like it!