Mahogany Lorien

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Uploaded 21st Jun 2005 at 9:17 PM

Here she is, from the "Our Elven" thread in Sim Pictures. Yes, there are elf ears hiding under that gorgeous hair... Feel free to tweak her as much as you want in your game as long as nothing gets uploaded but pictures and descendants. Thanks!

No custom Content made by me! Thanks to everyone who had a hand in making her beautiful!

Eyes by Ennaedwyn, Chai of the Earth V.2
Eyeliner and lipstick by Shannara of

If you want to make her look just like the picture, here is the list of other things I used.

Skin by Star Sims, the tanned skin with the belly button piercing.
Glimmer Shadow by
Hair by Pronupsims, "Sharon" in brown
and Clothes by Jope of Simply Styling. (mesh required)