Color Coordinates Collection Set 13

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Color is simply energy—energy made visible. As human beings, it's the only energy we can actually see. The familiar spectrum of the different light wavelengths (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet) is visible when we see a rainbow, or when we view the colors created as light is refracted through a prism.

Dr. Max Lüscher, a Swiss professor of psychology and the inventor of the Lüscher Color Test, felt the significance of color originated in prehistory, when human lives were completely governed by day and night, light and dark.

Day brings bright, warm colors, with action, activity and an increase in metabolic rate. Night brings cool, dark hues, with rest, inaction and slowing down.

And now i present you with my 13th set of Wallpapers for TS2 This set is part of my Color Coordinates Collection i am working on which will consist of 166 sets. The Colors for this set are Bicycle Yellow, Ultra Pure White, Moon Mist & Red Tomato. Ultra Pure White is also part of the Color Coordinates Collection Set 6. 7 More Sets to follow tonight. Other sets will come Soon.