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Occupied lots

Date Posted: 5th Oct 2013 at 5:33 PM

Somehow, I'm concerned that this thread will disappear, so I wanted to keep this post. Should be private; I'll make it public if the thread disappears.

Occupied lots are not safe. However, MTS has one set of occupied lots for download. These lots were created as safely as possible, and tested thoroughly, but the creator admits that they are not 100% safe.

If I were trying to make a safe occupied lot, here's what I would do:
1) Create a completely empty environment. This will ensure that no shipped sims will be added to your neighborhood.
2) Install all of the no-regen mods. If there are absolutely no sims in your neighborhood, you've reduced the likelihood of corruption significantly.
3) Create a completely empty neighborhood. Again, no other sims means less chance of corruption.
4) Create the lot. Check that no sims were created during the process.
5) Turn off the special events camera to reduce the amount of time until you can pause the lot. Create the sims and move them into the lot. Pause the lot immediately. Check that no additional sims were created during the process. DO NOT play the sims at all. If you absolutely must play the sims, set the clock to 3 AM, so that no walkbys, etc. will occur.
6) Check that no sims were created during the process.
7) Package the lot.
8) Run the HoodChecker.
9) Run SimPE and try to find any references to sims who are not on the lot (memories, wants, history, etc.)
10) Test test test test test.
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Useful graphics chart

Date Posted: 11th Aug 2013 at 3:57 AM

Just a helpful chart to help to compare different graphics cards:,3107-7.html

Another useful site:
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Invisible floor tiles vs. invisible floor tile flags.

Date Posted: 20th Jun 2013 at 6:24 PM

I thought that we might be able to make a no-CC swimmable lake using the same invisible flags that the GridAdjuster uses to create no-slope basements. Unfortunately, it looks like there's a major difference between the CC invisible floor tiles and the no-CC invisible floor tile flags.

Sims can see and use the CC floor tiles; they are only invisible to the user. Therefore, these floor tiles can be used to create a floor where your sims can swim.

However, the no-CC floor tiles are invisible to both sims and users. This means that sims refuse to go swimming because they don't see a floor.

So, I'm wondering whether there's any use in giving GridAdjuster users the ability to set / unset the visible flag for all levels of floor tiles, rather than the very limited use that is now available?
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Problems with Mansion and Garden when Apartment Life not installed.

Date Posted: 17th Jun 2013 at 3:28 AM

Just wanted to start a list of the problems that occur when you have M&G, but not AL.

- Jump when couple attempts cuddle (link to problem report?).
- Missing coffee bar:
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How to get SimPE to search your Downloads folder.

Date Posted: 16th Jun 2013 at 4:39 AM

- Extra -> Preferences -> System Folders.
- Set your Savegame path under Original Game.
- You may have to click OK at this point.

- Extra -> Preferences -> FileTable.
- Click on "add Downloads folder".
- Your downloads folder will be added under Advanced Settings.
- Make sure that the line "Recursive folder: (SaveGameFolder)Downloads\" is checked.
- Click the "Roload" button on the top-right.

- Search using Tools -> PJSE -> Simantics Resource Finder
- To find a SimID, choose GUID and type the SimID into the GUID field.
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Current To-Do List

Date Posted: 13th May 2013 at 7:17 PM

Feeling a bit overwhelmed, so I just wanted to document my current to-do list:

- Release new version of Clean Installer with ability to remove furnishings.
- Additional research on custom terrain paint removal issue.
- Release new version of LotAdjuster with ability to remove custom terrain paints.
- Upload first version of SimRetriever and document use.
- Upload new version of the GridAdjuster, which allows adjustment of water levels.
- Upload new version of the LotCompressor, which includes removal of unused terrain paints.
- Create first version of the HoodCompressor, which removes unused string descriptions and possibly translations.
- Upload new version of HoodReplace, which allows flattening of terrain within a range.
- Fix and upload clean Riverside.
- Create Neighborhood Templates section in the Wiki content lists.
- Clean and empty the neighborhood templates, to create safer and less corrupt empty templates. Try to upload to MTS.
- Change the Clean Installer to display a warning when the Super Duper Hug is found on a lot.
- Write test program to clear sim references from all objects on a lot.
- Write a couple of tutorials for the LotAdjuster. We're still using the one from the LotExpander.
- Write a new tutorial about safely deleting sims, with pictures.
- Determine how to get SimPE into Debug mode, so that the hidden hood, lot and family memories are visible and editable.
- New program to rename special families.
- Properly upload the LevelAdder, with source code.
- Improvement of "No weather on any lot" through addition of BCONs. Find testers?
- Investigate issues with installing previously occupied lots. Is there any way to make this safer? Perhaps delete existing objects and replace with new ones which will not have references to sims? (specifically beds)
- Further work on Stay-Things Shrub replacement which attempts to solve existing valuation problems.
- Write "Creating a Megahood (the easy way)" tutorial (
- Write "Working in an Empty Environment" tutorial.
- Upload missing neighborhood(s) from wiki, especially Old School Final (?). Where???
- See whether this tutorial causes problems:
- Make all programs compatible with all Sims Stories. Already have requests for HoodChecker for Castaway Stories and the Wardrobe Cleaner for Life Stories.

I like this signature:
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Misogyny and Sexism in the Gaming Industry

Date Posted: 19th Apr 2013 at 6:43 PM

An interesting article about how much hatred occurs when someone tries to discuss sexism in gaming:
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Date Posted: 5th Apr 2013 at 4:43 AM

What do you do when someone accuses you (unjustly) of calling them a liar? If you explain that this is a lie, then you have just called them a liar, thus making them no longer a liar for saying that you called them a liar. Is this a test?

At least she has since admitted that she made the entire thing up, although that doesn't seem to have convinced her that it isn't true.
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Running Sims 3 on mulitple computers

Date Posted: 3rd Apr 2013 at 4:11 PM

A helpful post from
Originally Posted by ellacharmed
I think this is one of the most misunderstood topics, and EA is never one to make things clear if they can make people pay more for their games.

Anyway, I found this: which kinda clear things up for me. I believe EA is starting to realize that not having any policy is just inviting piracy, because no one is going to buy game disc 5 times for a whole family to play.

What I took away from that thread, is
1. if you purchase a Disc copy, you can download a Digital version via Origin and use that instead of the disc for the DRM-portion
2. If you purchase a Disc copy, and you don't download a Digital version, then using it multiple times on separate machines is then classified as piracy.
3. if you purchase a Digital copy, you can authorize 5 different machines so that you can use Origin to download and play on different machines, with a separate Authorization tool. I would download and copy the installer to a USB stick instead of downloading 5 times, of course. But as I've never used Origin to play, I don't really know if this would work.
4. if you exceed the 5 allotted number, there is the tool to de-authorize one machine so you can add another to the pool of 5.
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