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Open Me Window Fixed + 2 new tall windows

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Uploaded: 3rd Nov 2005 at 10:34 PM
Updated: 25th Mar 2006 at 8:33 PM
This was requested at this site so I'm uploading here as well. Similar set will be uploaded at TSR as I'm a featured artist at that site.

Maxis 2-tile Open Me Window that comes with Nightlife has a glitch, it doesn't allow the light in. To work around that problem I created a clone window that looks exactly the same but works properly. It comes in two files: straight and diagonal window. To make this set more interesting I've also added two matching tall windows. All of the windows will work on diagonal walls. They use Maxis colors of Open Me Window and will also pick up any custom recolor you might have in your game. All of the files included are new meshes. You need to have Nightlife EP for this set to work.

wind_openme2tilewindowtall - 2-tile tall window, 1448 polygons;
wind_openmewindowfix - fixed 2-tile Maxis window, 1240 polygons;
wind_openmewindowtall - 2-tile tall window, 872 polygons;

I ask you not to upload these meshes to any other site, but you can link to this thread if needed. You are welcome to use these windows in uploaded lots here at MTS2 or at TSR.

Do not try to recolor these windows, they use repository technique - they pull all the colors from Maxis window. So you need to recolor Maxis original Open Me Window, these new windows will pick up that recolor automatically .

*Update 11/15* Added stone recolor for windows, as requested in one of the replies.

For more windows by me visit my TSR page