Male Afro Close-Cropped Hair by Pookkah.

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Uploaded: 8th Dec 2005 at 12:18 AM
Hi! I had been meaning to submit the hair I did for the couple of Sims I made. So here's another one. I did this on the Maxis bald head for all ages so it would be really close cropped.

Only thing with the hair is there is no bald child head, so the child has that side parted hair. I wish I knew how to make him at least be the short afro child hair.

Oh, in case you're wondering on the actual name of the file, it is a hair recolor that I'd been playing around with for my Sim of Usher, but decided in the end to use it for my Kanye West Sim, lol!

I selected it as All compatablity, I think that is correct, too, even though I have both expansions.