To all you Garfield fans

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here are some Garfield pictures .. i didnt take " in game" pictures of all the Garfield pictures but i took some of them so there is more then just the ones u see .....
- Christmas Garfield,
- Hollween Garfield,
- Garfield with the computer ( We all have had that feeling of sawing our computers to pieces when they dont work the way we want them for studies, dens
- Garfield's favourite hobbie ..eating so great for kitchens
- cartoons Garfield, great for kids bedrooms.
- Garfield with books, great for school room, study, den or kids bedrooms.

they can be found under the following pictures

Surfing the universe
Lady on Red
In the beginning
That place over there
We call it football
Reprint serical #5

i did them under different picture to give us an better look of the picture ..some garfield pictures didnt look right in some frame while look just find in other frames....