Pastel Recolors of the "Lap of Luxury" Sofa

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Uploaded 29th May 2006 at 4:44 AM · Updated 28th Jul 2009 at 8:36 AM by -Maylin-

The colors for the Lap of Luxury Sofa that came with the game are mostly boring, but when I looked for better colors to download, I mostly found very bright colors. I wanted some pastel recolors of this sofa, so I made some for my own game. I figured I might as well upload them, just in case anybody else was also looking for pastel recolors of the expensive sofa.

If I've done this right (and this is my first attempt to upload anything, so I might not have), the .rar file should contain four different pastel sofas: light blue, rose, lavender, and yellow. I've included one screenshot of all four colors and another screenshot that's a close-up of the light blue sofa, so that you can see the pattern. (I didn't make the pattern; it's the one Maxis made for the beige color.)

This is my very first attempt to recolor anything -- as recently as a couple of days ago I was still asking other people to do it for me. The Wizards of SimPE recolor wizard is amazingly easy to use. I have no artistic talent WHATsoever, and even I could do a basic recolor. So if you've been hesitating to make the colors you want for your game, come on in, the water is fine! :-)

Light Blue "Lap of Luxury" Sofa
Lavender "Lap of Luxury" Sofa
Rose Pink "Lap of Luxury" Sofa
Yellow "Lap of Luxury" Sofa

Edit: I've never tried to rar four different things into the same file before, and it looks as if I got it a bit wrong. When you unrar the file, it'll give you the light blue, lavender, and yellow package files and a rar file of the rose one. Just unrar that, too, and it'll all work. The rose package file (the one that has 506 at the end) that comes in a group with the others seems to have gotten corruped somehow, but the one that's in the rar within the rar works fine. Whew.
Sorry for being a bit clumsy with my first upload.