Container Living #1 by Lilly Raine

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Uploaded: 1st Jun 2006 at 10:47 PM
Updated: 2nd Jun 2006 at 4:59 PM
Container Living #1

One of the newest fads in affordable housing is turning shipping containers into prefab housing.
This lot under 20k contains everything needed by a young couple, or a single sim who likes to entertain small groups. If
I get enough positive feedback about this lot I will contiue to make lots simillar to it for upload. Some starter, some not.

The Facts:
I have all expansion packs including FFS. I will always assume that you need them all as well, however you are welcome
to test this with any combination of expansions, because i cannot always remember what came with what expansion. I have
absolutely NO DOWNLOADS in my game when i create lots.

I prefer to Use .rar files, i will not upload in .zip format.

Lot Sixe: 2x2
1 bed/1ba open floor plan. 2 levels, driveway.
Cost to purchase: $19,992

Please do not upload my lots to any other sites, pay or free, as is. You may however make changes to my lots and
upload them as long as they remain free. If you do upload a modified lot of mine please provide me credit and a
link back to this thread.

Sorry the pictures are fuzzy. It looks rather nice in game if i do say so myself.

Sink in counter
Empty counter

Kitchen and Dining Area:
Sink in counter
Empty counter
1 table
2 chairs
Garbage can
Stairs to upper level
Smoke alarm
Wall phone
Ceiling Light

Living Area:
Sectional sofa
Table in corner (for mail,newspaper,ect..)
Burglar Alarm
Ceiling Light

Outside Lower Level:
Colums to hold up upper level

Outside Upper Level:
Patio area
Bench for 2 sims

Bedroom loft:
Double bed
Side table with alarm clock