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Moi's C-thru series001 (2-sided/doubly-sided transparent tiles) + floor-thick mod

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Uploaded: 5th Jul 2006 at 6:43 AM
Updated: 20th Jul 2009 at 6:37 AM - Is the screenshot better now?
Quote: Originally posted by Moi's C-thru series001


This's is a set of texture-based 2-sided/doubly-sided transparent tiles.
There're 28 of them in series 001.
They've some graphical differences from


Almost Completely Invisible Floor Tils
(Sorry, eddief66's invisible tile is no longer here at MTS2)

Fat D
EP Ready - Updated 07-19: Creative/special recolors for Numenor's wall-window set


Invisible Floor Tile
Wagon Wheel Transparent Floor Tiles
Transparent Grid Floor Tiles **UPDATED 25/5/06**

Testers Wanted: Transparent Floor Tile Set

I've not checked with Frillen's and others yet
Hopefully, the colours shown will be different.
The ones I'm sharing here are more dull than sharp and bright.
The texture definitions are given out on their names. One can guess what is what when knowing how graphical software categorise colours.

Quote: Originally posted by floor-thick mod

This is an attempt to nullify the floor tile thickness, the graphical side of a floor tile.

Note since this a global mod and so will nullify all floor tiles for the whole lots.

This mod won't affect saved game data.

No picture coz there's nothing to show.

I'm unsure if I'll add more on this thread.


No expectation or request but suggestions, critism, reports, ideas of usages are welcome..
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If you want to have more 2-sided/doubly-sided tiles, may read Frillen's tutorial
and/or Rgiles' tutorial, and then this post

Anyway, for those who want 2-sided/doubly-sided version of Rgiles' transparent tiles, check out this post of his thread.


1.Feel free to modify the parts I've done, BUT ensure to use a new GUID ID & etc IDs... (you can only claim credits for what you've done on it, yet no need to mention me unless you feel like so.).
2. These textures and tiles I made are banned to be for any direct or indirect commercial or trading usage.)
3. No permission is necessary for redistribution of these tiles I made with proper instruction like this page unless stated. Please let your downloaders to know these're 2-sided/doubly-sided tiles and their limitatations as mentioned on post 126 of Rgiles' transparent tiles. The link is given right above.