Public Pool. enjoy the everlasting sims summer lol.

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Uploaded: 10th Aug 2006 at 4:03 AM
Updated: 27th Nov 2008 at 1:29 AM by Canoodle
Well it's summer and i thought my sims could enjoy a nice fersh spalsh in the pool. Offcourse i could have given every family it's own pool but whats more fun the a public one lol.

So i created this pool. And i wanted to have a slide. (wich is probably more difficult then creating pets or else maxis would have given one already lol ) But no problem i made one myself. Added a funky wallpapper and it looks kinda... well really weird, but its a pool so it's okay by me. I als o created some high dives wich i havent tested yet. but according to most tutorials it should work.

That's about it. what else is there, a nice island you can swim to, some sunbeds, a few tables, and offcourse showers and restrooms. I didn't use the biggest lot available because then it would look like a waterparc and i did'nt want that. i wanted a public pool, and that's what it is. It's build on a 3 by 4 lot. Hope you enjoy.

Okay one more thing, no custom content included. And allthough it's not the best lot ever created i wouldn't like it if you said its yours, or i would find it on any other site. mts2 rules!! WOOHOO!! ENJOY!!!