Teacher career (based on the Swedish schoolsystem)

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Uploaded: 10th Sep 2006 at 11:04 AM
Updated: 11th Oct 2006 at 2:52 PM
I've made a teacher career based on the swedish schoolsystem. The levels are:
School of education (35$/day)
Substitute teacher (50$/day)
Preschool teacher (350$/day)
Class teacher year 1-3 (350$/day)
Class teacher year 4-6 (350$/day)
Senior-level subject teacher (350$/day)
Upper secondary school teacher (400$/day)
Student counselor (500$/day)
Vice Principal (850$/day)
Principal (1000$/day)
Number of chancecards: 0 (I hate those, and since I made this career for me - and not for you in the first place you'll just have to accept that.)
Custom outfits: None, yet. I've done them but not been able to make these work yet but I'll will update when I do.
Languages: English, Swedish (Thanks to Inck243 and others for helping me with the englishgrammar!)
Uniqe icon: Yes.
Own GUILD: Yes, so it will not overwrite other careers (Hopefully!)

My goal with this career was that if you want to be a preeschoolteacher you should be able to stay there in your career. That is why I've not raised the daypay so much between the teacherlevels.

Please do not edit, copy, clone or upload this career anywhere without my permission!
If you have any questions you know where to find me, and if you want to translate the career into other languages just let me know and I'll send you the original text.
Take care! And enjoy!

I've now changed the wages so the teacher levels all make about the same amount of money. Just to get a little closer to my goal (see further up).
I've also found a bug - when you get promoted it doesn't come up a sign of some kind you just get promoted without noticing it if don't check the info about what your sim work with. I'm trying to fix this at this moment. Thanks.