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*PLEASE RE-DOWNLOAD* Natural Scruffed Up and Cropped *NOW FOR MALES!* YA to ELDER

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Uploaded 13th Sep 2006 at 11:16 PM · Updated 17th Sep 2006 at 1:22 AM by SephirothScars

I posted these and then gave myself a major slap in the head, i put the original non-resized mesh for uploading NOT the proper one,

THIS is the proper one, The second i see the faulty one is uploaded i'll remove it

Dont Panic if you have downloaded it, it wont harm your game, the mesh just looks horrible because it was the orginal tester, not the one re-sized to fit the male head, im not even sure if it will work

Im really sorry if this seems like ive wasted moderators time, this was the only solution i could think of. I'll only be posting the natural colours today but i'l submit the unnatural ones once i have the other, wrong posts deleted

So basically, the male version of the female one i made comes in


Im new to this so be nice about the glitches, this is my first mesh, k? ^_^ enjoy

*this is only Young adult to Elder btw, if you can figure out a way for resizing it for teens then by all means feel free to do so and submit... Also there is a slight gap behind the ears, this is covered by hair and not seen so i didnt think it a problem*

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