Keira Knightley - two different looks

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Uploaded: 22nd Sep 2006 at 12:29 PM
Updated: 24th Jan 2009 at 12:32 AM - Shiny and new version!

I found some excellent new hi-quality pictures of Keira and after doing some fiddling around with the old version of this sim I couldn't resist remaking her. I consider this new version far superior to the old one - her face has much more realistic texture now, the shape of the jaw is closer to the real Keira's, not to mention that I finally succeeded in duplicating her mouth & lips (at least to some degree).

Please ignore the old version of this sim that can be seen in the screenshots showcasing the two outfits - this new downloadable Keira is the one with the violet background and the old sim is.. well, no more. Please do me a favour and delete the old version from your hard drive and install this brand new one. The hair is by Peggy and it's §pay§.

Keira comes with two looks: first we have her red carpet ensemble from the Oscars 2006 and the second, the gold one, is a recreation of the slinky Gucci dress she wore to the premiere of the second Pirates of the Caribbean film. Included with the sim is the Oscar gear - if you want to have the gold dress and eyeshadow in your game please download the flavour pack.

Ren made the base skintone which I mutilated. Keira's face appears on female sims aged from toddler to elder.

Both dresses were skinned by me. The mesh for the burgundy gown is by RoseSims2 and can be found right HERE, it's the one on the right. The gold Gucci dress requires Nightlife.

The hairline mask was made by Donna at EyeCandy forum. She's also the creator of the Pirates... premiere hairdo - it's called aNipTuckJhair and I suggest you go to the forum and request Tuulia to upload it. I'm unsure of Donna's policy corcerning her more complex creations so I dare not upload the hair here.

Necklace, eyes, lipstick, lashes and both eyeshadows by moi. Necklace requires mesh by SimChic. Blush is by Hairfish at Mermaid Cove. The eyebrows are attached to the skin.

She is packaged with Maxis' brown hair. Exnem's hairdo (shown in the Oscars '06 collage) is no longer available.