Wildlife Career

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Uploaded: 28th Sep 2006 at 3:00 AM
Updated: 28th Sep 2006 at 9:22 PM
I've been working on this career for a few weeks, on and off. It's my personal tribute to Steve Irwin, a great man. Although, the career itself has no mention of him so if you aren't a fan, don't worry

The facts:

Level 1 - Bug Catcher
Sunday Monday Thursday Friday Saturday
9am - 4pm

Level 2 - Frog Handler
Sunday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday
10am - 5pm

Level 3 - Small Lizard Hunter
Sunday Monday Thursday Friday Saturday
9am - 3pm

Level 4 - Snake Tamer
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Frieday
8am - 4pm

Level 5 - Spider Expert
Sunday Tuesday Wednesday Friday Saturday
1pm - 9pm

Level 6 - Eagle Trainer
Sunday Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday
3pm - 10pm

Level 7 - Big Cat Specialist
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Saturday
10am - 6pm

Level 8 - Shark Feeder
Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
8am - 2pm

Level 9 - Bear Groomer
Sunday Tuesday Thursday Saturday
6pm - 10pm

Level 10 - Crocodile Hunter
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
11am - 6pm

It also includes a custom icon, seperate GUID so it won't replace any other careers and full chance cards.

Have fun working out in the wild!

EDIT 28/09/06 21:20

I messed up, but once again SuperFly has come to the rescue. Despite my best efforts, the file still replaced another career. Now it doesn't. So if you've already downloaded and care, download it again. If not, don't worry. Just let it overwrite the original file.

Thank you, SuperFly.