Cobblestone Roads for lush neighbourhoods

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Uploaded: 9th Nov 2006 at 11:13 AM
I created these Cobblestone-Roads to go with my Pompeii-Terrain, but I think it should also work well for medieval neighbourhoods.


1. Download all files.
2. Extract all files to your download folder.
3. After you place a lot, open the cheat window (Ctrl+shift+Alt) and type: Boolprop locktiles false
4. Now you can cover the Street with the cobblestone tiles to match the neighbourhood roads.

If you remove the "CurlyRed_CobblestoneRoads.package" from your download-folder you'll have normal roads again.

If sombody knows how to remove the difference in color of the cobblestone between actual lot and neighbour lots (Game view), please let me know.