Modern Four-Story Mansion - 3BR 4BA

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Uploaded 18th Dec 2006 at 2:24 AM

Yay, first upload! So I don't plan on seeing much turnout on this. Anyway, I'll cut to the chase without much blabber-talk.

4 Bath
3 Bedroom
4 Story
Walkable roof
The Sims 2: Christmas, Nightlife, and Open for Business
5x4 lot (large)
Mainly white carpets
White walls
Almost completely furnished only the first floor needs to be furnished,
potentially for a home business or something of the sort
Every floor has a bathroom and elevator as well as a staircase, (incase
of fire, :P)

Now to the good part

Numenor's "WallWindow" glass window set

RGiles's "Transparent Floor Tile Set"

Fresh-Prince's "Savannah Bedroom Set"

That's pretty much it. So thank you for your talent in making some really good looking items. This house would not be possible without you three.


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