Tabbs' v.XI Default Replacement Eyes + Vampire Default Replacement

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Uploaded 28th Feb 2007 at 9:45 AM · Updated 1st Mar 2007 at 7:00 AM by ohfetishano

Tabbs' v.XI eyes are the only eyes I have in my game now. They're so crisp, detailed, and brilliant that I couldn't possibly resist. So with permission from the glorious Tabbs herself (Thank you!) I bring you some spanking new default eyes!

In order to see and understand what colors I'm talking about, you should go to the original post for her eyes and check out the pictures attached to the thread, specifically the color chart. I also think you should download the eyeset, but that's up to you and your personal tastes. :P

Tabbs v.XI Eye Pack by Tabatha.

The colors are as follows:
+ Maxis Light Blue = Aquamarine (tabbs_E_XI_blu5)
+ Maxis Dark Blue = Weepy Blue (tabbs_E_XI_blu3)
+ Maxis Brown = Deep Brown (tabbs_E_XI_brn1)
+ Maxis Green = Moss Green (tabbs_E_XI_grn2)
+ Maxis Grey = Grave Dust (tabbs_E_XI_gry1)
+ Maxis/EP2 Vampire = Blooded Rose (tabbs_E_XI_fan1)

You will need the Nightlife EP for the Vampire Default Replacement to work correctly. I've made the vampire's overlay transparent, all except the eyes and teeth, so it will work with ANY skintone, on ANY bodyshape. But you absolutely MUST have Nightlife.

There are so many other colors to use in the original set. Please, if you use these, don't forget to thank Tabatha on her thread too! She deserves it!

If you want to use the eye replacements, and you don't want any problems with your game, please make sure you delete ANY OTHER default eye replacements. If you choose to use the Vampire replacement, PLEASE delete ANY OTHER default Vampire replacements. Please check in-game if you're unsure before you download and install these. And yes, these go straight in the Downloads folder! Don't download the Vampire replacements if you don't have Nightlife!!

It should be pretty easy to remember that I won't stand for any of my stuff or especially someone else's to be posted at the Exchange, so it goes without saying. Please don't post these anywhere, and remember - these are defaults - they won't show up in a Sims2Pack when you package a sim.

Included in both the .rar files is a ReadMe file entailing Tabatha's policies, please read it.

Before you ask, the Model's Hair:
+ Brown Eyes = Peggysims2 Donate Hair
+ Green Eyes = Punkchiqe
+ Light Blue Eyes = Rose Donate Mesh, Recolor by Me.
+ Dark Blue Eyes = Peggysims2 Donate Hair
+ Grey Eyes = Peggysims2 Donate Hair Mesh, Recolor by Me.
(I won't upload any of my recolors of pay meshes, sorry..)

& The hot vampire punk dude's vest = by me, here.