Leap'n Lemur

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Uploaded 3rd Apr 2007 at 6:12 AM · Updated 20th Nov 2008 at 5:23 AM by Canoodle

Here’s an agile little companion for your sims, a lemur! There are at least 85 known species of lemur raging in a variety of sizes, shapes and colors on the island of Madagascar. These exotic animals are interesting to watch. They purr and mew like house cats and adore sunbathing with their arms and legs spread wide. This particular lemur’s strange vocabulary is completely feline. While lemurs in the wild prefer a diet of leaves and fruit, this pet lemur will be most satisfied with a balanced diet of pet food, and the occasional treat. Though he's no perfect replica, his big yellow eyes and curious nature are sure to intrigue and amuse any sim in need of a new friend!

I imitated the coloring of a Ring-Tailed Lemur for this pet, however it’s not exact. I particularly wish there were some way to cover the entire tail with rings.

Note: can be found in the “cat/adult” section of Create a Sim along with all of your other cat breeds.



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