Global Fix: Indoor light for the "OpenMe 2Tile Window" - *Now included in CEP*

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Uploaded: 10th Apr 2007 at 8:16 PM
Updated: 6th Oct 2007 at 2:26 AM
Indoor light for the "OpenME 2Tile Window"
*** NOW INCLUDED IN CEP 7.0. ***


Warning:this is a global fix that affects only the "OpenMe 2Tile Window", this is not an hack.
- It should not unknowingly included in your uploaded lots, if this happen use the Clean Installer to remove it.
- It should not copy in your windows clone with Simpe, in any case is strongly suggested to remove it or to uncheck the Downloads folder in the File Table.

Why this Global Fix?
Because the original Maxis "OpenME" 2Tile window (released with Nightlife) doesn't allow the light indoor !
Thanks to anak_ponti for having remembered me this glitch, and Numenor for his advices.

In-game usage
This is NOT a new custom window like the windkeeper's one.
You do NOT see anything added in the game catalog, and you do NOT do anything in the game.
The original 2tile window will allow, automatically, the light indoor; also those already present in your lots!

Compatibility with other windows mods
The gloabal fix is full compatibility with my mod ML_OpenMe_GLOBAL-MOD that makes it line-up correctly with kitchen counters and stoves, of course.
You can have both in your Downloads folder ( or sub-folder, if you prefer).

Extract the package from the rar archive and put it into your Downloads folder; you can also use the Q-Xpress, if you like.
To uninstall, delete simply the file from your Downloads folder.

Licence Agreement
Do not clone - Do not repost anywhere.