Invisible Fishing Pond (Object Mod) + End-Fishing BHAV Fix (Global Mod)

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Uploaded: 8th May 2007 at 1:51 AM
Updated: 8th May 2007 at 2:04 AM
For those only looking for the fix mod: scroll down and find a long splitter.

This object (file: max-invisiblepond4.rar) enables your Sims to fish virtually anywhere. For example you can build a cottage alongside the bank of the neighborhood water (river/sea), and allow your Sims to fish at the edge of a platform extending onto the water. See screenshot for such a building example.

The object is invisible only in Live Mode, and in Build/Buy mode you'll see a big blue translucent board, allowing you to move/delete it. The object can be placed "in the air" so you can put it in "border tiles" with no floors without moveObjects on cheat. You can also place it on/across the road without the cheat but I don't see much usage of it.

The object occupies one tile but has a clickable area of 3x3 tiles, making it easier to find and queue commands in Live mode.

All interactions/functions of the normal pond are available except:

- Sims fishing cannot ask someone else to "Join", but it's OK for multiple sims to fish together.
- Sims fishing at this invisible pond and those fishing at nearby normal ponds will not chat with each other.
- Cats will not be able to "watch" this invisible pond (while they can for normal ponds--according to the original pie menu options).
- Penguins will not be summoned when any Sim catches a fish.

The following features (inherited from normal ponds) are maintained:

- When the temperature is low enough, even the neighborhood water doesn't freeze, it's unable to fish in the invisible pond.
- Sims fishing at different invisible ponds which are close enough will hold a conversation.
- You may gain any of the 8 types of objects (1 boot and 7 fish) from fishing at invisible ponds.
- Fishing experiences and badges are developed as usual.
- Splashes can sometimes be seen (I didn't deliberately made this effect).

Sometimes odd behaviors may be observed:

- Sims may be unable to route to the appropriate fishing location and the interaction terminates without any error or indication, but if you direct the Sims to move close enough and then ask them to fish they will start dragging out the pole.
- Sims may stand too far away from the invisible pond and slap their fishing poles against someone else closer to the pond.
- Sims may stand too close to the invisible pond and "fish from each other's pocket" (sometimes the scene can be seen as a duet--if two Sims are standing directly opposite each other and if you imagine the fishing poles as swords)

Requires Seasons of course.
Find it below General > Miscellaneous.

As instructed by the guideline the following information is necessary:
Mesh: Eight (8) vertices, four (4) polygons.
Textures: Transparent and translucent, not recolorable.
Made in: SimPE (Seasons version).
Policy: please do not publish this object to any pay sites. Please do not clone this object if you do not have enough BHAV modding experience. Please do not take the credit if you distribute it anywhere. Please DO link your distribution back here so downloaders can obtain updated versions if any. Please feel free to include it in any packaged lots but please do warn downloaders of the existence of a mod-like object.
Tested in an environment with all EP/SP except Celebration installed and all kinds of other custom contents and hacks present, using the built-in family Ramaswami.


Bonus: End-Fishing BHAV Fix (GLOBAL MOD)

This file (max-ssnfix-fishingpole.rar) fixes a very ridiculous error found in the sequence of fishing pole control instructions which will cause a small reset of the Sims ending a fishing interaction. This reset can be observed by playing the game at normal speed but not by turning on debug mode (no object error dialogs will be popped up), which caused my invisible pond to disappear (To be techny: this bug deleted the pond object instead of the fishing pole object at the end of the interaction. The reason it does not matter much for normal ponds is that the object for fishing actions will be generated on demand anyway).

This file tends to fix the glitch for NORMAL pond interactions (the instructions in the invisible pond object are corrected already), and MAY NOT BE REQUIRED ANYMORE if the second Seasons patch would fix the error. The two files provided here work individually and independently.

This file only modifies one BHAV resource (Event - Fishing - Manage Pole) in the game and is not at all likely to conflict with other hacks.


Please report any error you find that may be caused by either of these two files.

Enjoy fishy-fishing on your platform or even roof!