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542 Custer Boulevard

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Uploaded: 2nd Jun 2007 at 6:33 AM
Updated: 3rd Jun 2007 at 4:37 AM
A perfect combination of modern living and classic design, this open home is a beautiful place for a Sim to settle down in!

I've used very little custom material in the pack, but what's there is simple and included.

I've also uploaded both an unfurnished and furnished version of the home in case you want to decorate it yourself. See below - the titles of the files will indicate whether it's furnished or not.


Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price: $65,972

Custom Content Included:
- 4ESF Outdoor8 Plant by 4ESF
- 'Arizona' Loveseat (Mesh) by Holy Simoly
- 'Arizona' Loveseat (Recolour) by Holy Simoly
- 'Soriee' Dining Table by Holy Simoly